I think every human being has a story to tell. In a way, we’re all artists, expressing these stories throughout our daily lives. The way we talk, our 9-5 jobs, a certain labor skill someone has, the education someone has earned and how they’re using it to impact the world, a painter’s technique with a brush, a poet’s way with a pen, the melodies a singer contructs, the punchline a comedy thought about all night. We share and experience each other’s art every second by stimulation of our senses and ultimately it crafts the artist that we are.

Cinematography, DJ, Music Production, Story Teller

Executive for MAD – Reuniting the city through artistic and social consciousness

Electric Hawk Developer and Chief Editor – Seeking to connect the fans with music better than ever done before.

Co-Founder and Director of Operations for 1v1LB LLC, a company that offers an online interactive gaming experience that consists of leaderboards, community, and skill-based gambling.

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Bookings and Inquiries: contact@darieltl.com