Shot and produced by me. Was offered the opportunity to create a recap for Damination and Snowy Joey hosting an event with SAB (Student Activities Board) at UIC in Chicago.

One night of students getting together to showcase their music, dance, and arts.

Live In The Moment | A Film by DarielTL

Our lives are conceived by many of these small moments building onto the framework of who we were born to be into who we are. Thanks to everyone who shared them with me.

This Summer of 2017 I adventured with many friends to watch some jaw dropping sunsets at Summercamp Music Festival, grill out some steak and burgers for our neighbors at Bonnaroo Music Festival, trekked through the desert in EDC Las Vegas, got lost in the woods at Electric Forest Music Festival, hiked up the mountains to see our favorite artists at Red Rocks in Denver, moved into my new apartment in Chicago, and all of the laughs and small little moments in between.

We’re so hesitant to try new things because of our constant concern for an unpredictable future that we often forget about the moment we are experiencing right now. I think when opportunities come forth to you that brings even the slightest smile to your face, go do it. Time is the only thing we will never get back. Enjoy every second you have with every person you meet.

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Caravan Fabrics Fashion Show Recap Video

First time I’ve ever been hands on with shooting something. Caravan Fabrics hosted a fashion show this weekend to release their second addition to their products and show showcase the arts in Rockford, Illinois. Shoutout to my homies Amin and Checo on the terrific job with it and giving me the opportunity to film this.

I’m still looking for more work in Chicago so I encourage you to hit me with any ideas you’d like to see come to life.


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